Electric Scooter Accidents

Electric scooters have increased in popularity exponentially in the streets of Los Angeles. They are a great way to get around, as they are exhilarating, fun, and eco-friendly. They allow riders to get around town efficiently and decrease traffic for the busy city. While many may look at electric scooters for the positive factors associated with them, there are also several negative factors as well. The unsafe use of electric scooters, as well as negligent drivers on the road, pose a serious risk to electric scooters riders. If you or a loved one were involved in an electric scooter accident caused by the negligence of a driver, it is in your best interest to seek help from our team at Daneshgar Law.

At Daneshgar Law, we provide victims the legal guidance that they need and deserve to get them through this difficult time. Unfortunately, we have seen several horrible cases caused by the negligence of other drivers and it is our duty to ensure that the victims receive the justice that they deserve. As a victim, you should never have to deal with the legal stresses that come with these types of cases, which is why we are here to help every step of the way. 

Who Can Be Held Liable for Electric Scooter Accidents?

When it comes to these types of cases, they can be very complex. Proving liability is not easy in electric scooter cases, which is why it is best to hire an electric scooter attorney in Los Angeles who has experience in successfully handling cases like these. Luckily, at Daneshgar Law, we have brought a large amount of settlements to victims. We understand the laws and rules pertaining to electric scooters, which is why we are so successful at what we do. There are several parties who can be held liable for electric scooter accidents, including:

  • A driver: A driver can be held liable for causing an accident due to reckless or negligent behaviors.
  • The scooter company: Scooter companies can be held liable for accidents that involve dangerous or defective scooters.
  • Product manufacturers: The manufacturers can be held liable for producing scooters with a dangerous defect that could have contributed to the accident. 

How an E-Scooter Lawyer in Los Angeles Can Help You

Because these types of cases can be so complex since there are a number of potential parties that can be involved, it is important to seek help from a Los Angeles electric scooter lawyer. Our team can help you with an array of legal issues so you do not have to stress with dealing with them yourself. Here is how our Los Angeles electric scooter attorney can help you:

  • Prove liability by conducting a professional investigation
  • Obtain compensation for pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages, loss of future income, and many more damages
  • Hold the wrongdoer’s insurance accountable by providing evidence
  • Help you maximize your settlement and ensure that the insurance company takes full responsibility 

Contact an Electric Scooter Lawyer in Beverly Hills Today 

If you are in need of legal representation during this difficult time, we are here for you. Our team at Daneshgar Law will handle every part of your case so you can focus on your health and recovery. Our team has many years of experience in providing exceptional results for our clients and we will ensure that you get the settlement you deserve for the many burdens that have resulted from your accident. Contact our team today for a free, no obligation consultation. We will be able to provide you with the guidance you need to protect your future. 

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