Car Accidents

Car Accident FAQs 

How much is an attorney for a car accident?

Generally, personal injury lawyers charge no upfront or hourly fee.   Personal injury attorneys usually get paid on a contingency that comes out of the settlement.  Therefore, clients are generally “free” from upfront or out of pocket costs associated to attorney’s fees.  In almost all cases that we take on, at Daneshgar Law, the increase in what we bring to the table for your settlement versus what you could achieve alone or another personal injury lawyer could add, is more than worth it. Give us a call now for a free consultation on your case.

Should I contact an attorney for a car accident?

Yes!!! If you were in an accident that was not your fault, statistics show that hiring a personal injury lawyer will increase your settlement.  An insurance adjusters’ job is to pay out as little as possible to settle claims, regardless what is fair.  Insurance companies know that they can get away with lowball offers when an injured party is not represented by an attorney.  They can take advantage of the fact that an unrepresented individual generally does not know how to litigate a claim instead of accepting a lowball offer.    
Further, personal Injury lawyers have such specialized experience in this field that allows them to know the right documentation, testimony and medical care to take to help you get better and maximize the settlement in your case. They also are master negotiators that understand how insurance companies work and can increase the offer just merely with their name attached to the case. Steven Daneshgar, and the Law Office of Steven Daneshgar, are one of those names that back the real-world experience to help you maximize your settlement. Don’t hesitate to call us to get a free evaluation on your case now. 

When should you contact an attorney after a car accident?

If the car accident involves any type of injury a lawyer should be contacted as soon as possible. Why? Because the other party might claim those injuries happened before, the other parties insurance company might delay or refuse compensation, or you might not set up your case for success by not knowing what immediate medical visits are needed.

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