Common Road Hazards For Motorcyclists 

Common Road Hazards For Motorcyclists 

There is no doubt that riding a motorcycle is far more dangerous than driving a car. The most minor hindrances, such as leaves, loose gravel, and other road hazards can result in a catastrophic accident if the rider isn’t paying attention. However, if a car passes over these small obstacles, it doesn’t result in the same outcome as a motorcycle.

Unfortunately, even when a motorcyclist uses extra precaution when riding, there is still a risk of an accident occurring. If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, our team at Daneshgar Law can help every step of the way. To learn more about how a motorcycle accident lawyer in Los Angeles can help, contact us today for a free consultation.

  1. Railroad crossings

Motorcycle wheels can get caught on the railroad tracks, which can result in the rider to be thrown off of the bike. Additionally, when the wood or metal on the tracks become wet, it can become slippery, causing the motorcyclist to lose traction.

  1. Edge breaks

Edge breaks between lanes occur when there are different heights between lanes. Edge breaks become more dangerous when a motorcyclist is on the highway traveling at high speeds. It is imperative for motorcyclists to use caution when age breaks are present and travel at a slower speed to avoid the risk of an accident.

  1. Wet/slippery surfaces

Wet surfaces can result in hydroplaning, which can occur on any surface but is most dangerous when light rain is combined with the oil residue on the roadway. Hydroplaning is dangerous for both cars and motorcycles; however, it is much more risky for motorcyclists as there are only two wheels on the road as opposed to four. As a motorcyclist riding in the rain, it is imperative to brake slowly with caution, as opposed to braking abruptly. 

  1. Debris

Debris on the roadway can also be extremely dangerous for motorcyclists. Debris can range from the most minor obstacles, such as leaves, rocks, pieces of tires, fallen objects from other vehicles, and much more. It is extremely important to ride with caution to keep yourself out of harm’s way.

  1. Rough roadways

There are many contributing factors to rough roadways, including poor maintenance, construction areas, and roadway resurfacing. As a motorcyclist, these rough and bumpy roads can be extremely dangerous and it is important to pay attention to the road to avoid such problems.

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