6 Tips For Driving Near Large Trucks

6 Tips For Driving Near Large Trucks

It is no secret that commercial trucks are large and powerful vehicles that can put other drivers in danger on the road. For instance, the fact that commercial trucks have such large blind spots, longer stopping distances, and the inability to make a quick maneuver can easily result in a catastrophic accident. The many limitations that commercial trucks have put drivers at risk, therefore, it is imperative to take the necessary steps to minimize the risk of a truck accident. 

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  1. Stay out of blind spots

Commercial trucks have very large blind spots in the front, back and sides; however, the blind spots are particularly located near the sides of the truck. If you are not able to see the truck’s side mirror, then it is likely that the truck driver cannot see you. If you are near a commercial truck, speed up or slow down so you are not driving in their blind spot. Additionally, when merging, be sure to stay out of a truck driver’s blind spot.

  1. Give more space

Another important tip to remember when driving near large trucks is to give them more space than you would for a regular passenger vehicle. Because commercial trucks are significantly larger and heavier, it takes more time for them to come to a complete stop. Therefore, you certainly don’t want to be near them when they need to make a sudden stop. 

Additionally, you never want to follow a truck too closely, especially in the event of a tire blowout. 

Lastly, when making a turn, you certainly don’t want to be in the inner turn lane next to a truck, as trucks need plenty of space to complete a turn and if next to one while making a turn, this can increase the risk of a truck accident.

  1. Do not cut off a truck

You should never cut off a truck to make an exit or turn. It is extremely dangerous to cut off a truck and can possibly result in the driver not being able to stop in time, which can lead to a catastrophic or fatal rear-end accident.

  1. Pass safely

If you have to pass a commercial truck, you should pass as quickly (and safely) as possible on the left-hand side. Additionally, you should avoid passing on the right side, as this side is full of blind spots.

Before passing a truck, be sure you can see the truck driver in the mirror and use your blinker to indicate your intention.

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